December 27th-- 36 new color schemes.
December 23rd-- redid texture previews.
December 22nd-- 11 new cutouts, 8 new Christmas cutouts, redid vector templates again.
December 20th-- changed pages around, deleted pages, minor maintenance.
December 15th-- fixed up patterns page, fixed up christmas content page. December 13th-- 3 new vector templates, updated my main vector templates PSD look, updated & fixed old vector temps, 12 new vector masks, updated my main vector mask PSD look.
December 9th-- 6 new color schemes, updated my main color schemes PSD look, more maintenance
December 2nd-- MAJOR maintenance.

June 10th-- 56 new bg psd's.
June 5th-- 39 new color schemes.
June 3rd-- 30 new cluster brush packs.
January 19th-- new layout!
December 29th-- 1 new facebook cover psd.
December 28th-- all bg psd's now come in 2 different color options.
December 22nd-- 250 new fonts.
December 16th-- 5 new tutorials, 4 new colorschemes, 1 new pattern, 10 new sitemodels
December 3rd-- 54 new cutouts
November 25th-- 13 new bg psd's
November 13th-- 27 new vector masks
October 31st-- 16 new brush packs
September 16th-- 25 new cutouts (Danni, Hunner, Rachel)
August 29th-- 4 new Hunner cutouts
August 24th-- new 4 color schemes
August 14th-- 103 new sm cutouts
August 12th-- 153 new fonts
July 29th-- 262 new object png's.
July 14th-- new 4color schemes.
July 10th-- 103 new object png's.
July 8th-- 29 new object png's.
July 3rd-- 36 new brush packs, 124 new object png's.
July 2nd-- 35 new vector masks.
July 1st-- 94 new cutouts, 4 new photoshop tutorials.
June 30th-- 3 new photoshop tutorials.
May 22nd-- 61 new font downloads, 24 new cutouts
May 20th-- 4 new brush packs
April 6th-- 3 new photoshop tutorials.
March 25th-- 47 new fonts.
March 10th-- 6 new website tutorials, 2 new photoshop tutorials, 3 new other tutorials.
March 8th-- 73 new fonts, 90 new vector masks, 2 new photoshop tutorials
February 19th-- 86 new fonts, 30 new 4 color schemes
February 13th-- 161 new fonts
January 25th-- 18 new tutorials.
January 16th-- 48 new vector masks
January 15th-- 27 new brushes, 259 new icons
January 7th-- 40 new contact buttons and 48 new contact button maps
December 29th-- 11 new brush packs
December 28th-- 150 new fonts
December 23rd-- 75 new textures
December 20th-- 23 new brush packs
December 18th-- 123 new color schemes.
December 17th-- 17 new brush packs
December 16th-- 1 new tutorial. create your own form
December 15th-- 2 new brush sets click here, 78 new color palettes.

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